Are you having a barbeque over the weekend or a birthday party for your child? Preparing for such events requires prior planning, from the event itself to cleaning up the place once the party is done. Below are 4 tips on cleaning up after hosting a festivity. Have enough bins To avoid the tedious work that comes with locating empty bottles and cramped up paper plates, try to have strategically placed bins all around the venue during the party.

Is Your School's Cleaning Policy Making Your Indoor Air Quality Worse?

The whole point of having a cleaning and maintenance policy for your school is to keep your students healthy, comfortable, and ready to learn. However, many schools make mistakes in their cleaning policies that lead to poor indoor air quality, increasing students' chances of becoming ill and reducing their ability to study and perform well. Here are 3 mistakes you could be making. Are You Using the Wrong Cleaning Products?

Key Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Fire Extinguishers

When you're prioritising your business's safety, purchasing the right fire extinguisher is usually at the top of your to-do list. As there are so many different potential fire sources, it's important to understand that there's no one-size-fits-all device. By knowing a little about fire safety, you can avoid making dangerous mistakes. Failing to understand different fire extinguisher types Different types of fire extinguishers will tackle different fires. For example: Class A for wood, paper and textiles Class B for flammable liquids, petrol and paints Class E for electrical fires Class F for animal fats and cooking oils Understanding the different classes is the cornerstone of purchasing the right type.